The Velveteen Rabbit by Yulia Sivtsova

A low, ominous giggle heralded the brute’s arrival and all eyes turned to watch as its shadow lurched into view from around the corner. Soldier Sam’s kung-fu grip tightened around his scale model cap rifle. Flipsy Flopsy Bunny curled his bean bag weighted hands into fists. Fitness Instructor Stacy drew back her polyurethane gym bag. Slowly the pale, lanky figure stomped into view, maniacal glee etched upon its hideous face. The toys gazed upon the evil, jingling, multi-colored nightmare before them. “Clowns,” growled Sam through gritted plastic teeth. “I hate clowns.”

Playthings™ is a TRPG powered by the Hit ‘n’ Miss System that explores what every child already knows: their toys are alive and they have adventures when no one is looking. Not only that, the bravest toys defend their Kid, their Room, and even their House from dangers that lurk in the shadows, under the bed, behind the door, and in the closet. Drawing from a long literary tradition of stories from toys’ perspectives, Playthings is simple enough for kids to play, while remaining deep enough for adults to enjoy.

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