Our Games

The eventual vision for Dead Tree Games is to be a publishing house for all types of tabletop games including board games, card games, role-playing games, etc. However, we are a small operation with limited staff and resources, so, for the time being, we are focusing on tabletop role-playing games (TRPGs).

TRPGs, for those new to the concept, are collaborative storytelling games. The players take on the roles of characters that they create in order to explore a fictional world. What separates TRPGs from simple storytelling is that the players are not in full control of the story. Any time there is a conflict in the story it is resolved using game mechanics and the players must react to the outcome. TRPGs combine narrative, improvisation, and game mechanics to create a truly unique and deeply satisfying play experience.

The setting of TRPGs is the framework of the story being told. The setting defines the world where the story takes place and the types of characters on which the story is focused. Dead Tree Games currently has three settings in the works: Chronoplex™, Playthings™, and Mischief™.

The mechanics used in TRPGs are generally referred to as a game’s “engine,” because it’s these rules that make the game go. Dead Tree Games is currently working with three different game engines, each designed for a different play experience: the Hit ‘n’ Miss System™, the PITCH System™, and the Knock Out System™.

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