Major Slayton felt a light tug forward which soon developed into a massive suction. He felt as though his entire body was being stretched out and pulled through an endless soda straw. Iron bands tightened around his chest, preventing him from drawing breath. Then suddenly he felt himself squeezing out of the tube, regaining his physical form and landing on a hard, wooden floor with a meaty thud. Groggily looking around he saw that the South Korean battlefield was gone and was replaced by a boardwalk bustling with people dressed in vaguely Revolutionary era English clothing mish-mashed with a myriad other cultural styles from throughout history. “Welcome, spanner,” said a stranger from across the way, “When you from?”

Chronoplex is a fantasy time-travel RPG powered by the PITCH System that explores the wonders, dangers, and responsibilities of treading through histories that are not your own. Players take on the roles of spanners, people who have learned to navigate through time using the naturally occurring network of conduits known as the Chronoplex. Spanner society exists between ticks of the clock and the only way to get from one geotemporal location to the next is overland through linear time. Powered by the PITCH System, Chronoplex is a deep game for more experienced players.

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