A New Home

When I began putting this new site together I went out to the old site to see if anything needed to be carried over. The post on the front page of the site went on about the changes that were coming soon and how excited I was to roll out a new platform. Sad thing is that post was from 2013.

Life happens, you can’t stop that. But rather than dwell on time wasted or make promises about the future, I want to focus on what’s happening right now. This is happening. This site. A new home for a new start. I have a couple games in the hopper that are near completion and functioning well in playtests. Just a little more cleanup and I can determine my next steps.

So yes, I am excited about rolling out this new platform. And I am anxious to get things rolling. Let’s call it “cautiously optimistic” about the future of Dead Tree Games.

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